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  • Aug 25th 2023 at 8:31 PM
    Hello, care to make a new friend today?


    Are you getting your advertising mixed in with the big expensive ads?

    Do you know where expensive high dollar advertising ads are being displayed?

    Are your ads being displayed worldwide for maximum range?

    Are you on the same road with everyone else going over the edge into abyss or just chasing your tail?

    Clicking for hours on end to make less than $30.00 a month.

    Are you being mislead into quickly viewing hundreds of websites?

    Does this sound anything like what you have been doing?
    Now, ask as many people as you can find for an honest answer. Are you earning more or less than $30.00 or Euros per month?

    If anyone responds that they do indeed make at least that much per day make a new friend with them.

    1. If they have a cartoon or pet animal for their image just politely move on.

    2. When we see people making the same mistake over and over expecting to get a different outcome again just move on.

    3. When you start to see an internet business scaling down and not up, again it is time to move on. Cutting back rather than expanding is as big a red flag as there is.

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Hello, care to make a new friend today?
Aug 25th 2023 at 8:31 PM
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